The Gypsy Oracle

Margaret Kruger
4 min readFeb 2, 2021

A Novel In Installments

Chapter 9

Chati and her daughter stared at the man menacing them at the end of the houseboat. “What do you mean my bride price tripled? We have already paid you twice the going rate and I am unable to reach my husband right now,” Chati was trembling as the man leered at her daughter.

“Leave us alone.”

“You have produced a beautiful child, Chati. She is worth far more than you will ever be worth. We want to be paid her value, as you were with child when Gabriel purchased you and we were cheated the price she would bring,” the slight man slouched against the aft rail.

“This is a family business, Chati. The daughter of our boss lady works alongside us here in Bangkok and when she learned you had a child that descended from the witch her mother uses in Florida she knew the child was a gold mine. Imagine if she has the ability to see the future like her grandmother?”

Chati was shaking as she shrieked at the man from inside the house boat, “We have paid you $25,000 US Dollars. It is a ridiculous amount and you know it. Leave us alone,” Chati’s daughter Kulap peered around Chati’s legs at the man picking his teeth with his long fingernail.

“Look at her Chati. You can produce another easily. This one belongs to us or pay us $60,000 US Dollars. Your husband will find the money. We know this. You know this. He is the son of the witch in Florida. They can make money out of thin air. Our beloved leader sees Gabriel’s mother once a month, pays for her fortunes to be bright with gold.

“We know this child will insure that is so, whether you pay for her, or some fat old bastard in Saudi Arabia pays for her. I really don’t care. All I know is I need to collect the cash and she is an easy way for us all to have golden showers. Just like your husband’s President Trump,” the little man burst into laughter at his own double entendre.

Chati shrunk in horror.

“I’ll be back. Think about it, Chati. You know you cannot hide her, no matter where you go. The daughter of a whore is always a whore. Her legs will spread for all who can pay. She is getting almost too old to demand a premium. We can sew her shut many times, Chati.



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