The Gypsy Oracle

Margaret Kruger
4 min readOct 15, 2020

A Novel in Installments

Chapter 8

In her three card reading, the cards of the Nine of Swords, the Fool, and the Lovers appeared.

As Olive looked at the cards before her and realized Gabriel was well away from his captors but nearer danger. She and the handsome astrologer were at Lutyens, enjoying the peace of the garden, discussing the effect the current position of the moon and the planets were having on the world events.

“Venus is headed into Libra and we need to stay put,” said Sandah with a smile.

He nodded as he examined Gabriel’s transit charts and reiterated the need for Olive to stay put in Delhi. “Lutyens is safe for you madam. I am safe for you. Let us retire to your room for the afternoon. Let me make love to you and ease your troubled mind. It will be my gift to you. And your gift to me.”

As they headed towards Olive’s bungalow, the Astrologer stopped at the office and gave the ladies in charge his credit card information. “Please bill me for her stay here and anything she needs. She is now my consort while she is here in Delhi, if she needs anything or if there is any problem, here is my mobile number,” he handed the woman at the desk his card. Immediately she recognized his name and was awed to be in the presence of such a famous seerer.

“Yes, of course, my Lord. We will watch over her. Namaste,” the sari clad ancient woman bowed.

As he headed toward Olive’s bungalow, several of the kitchen and housekeeping staff peered out of the shuttered windows, elbow jabbing and whispering to each other. “He can see into your heart, Jamu,” one of the cooks teased the other.

“You are the one that should hide then,” smirked the other giggling.

“HUSH!” the owner of Lutyens reprimanded her staff. He is an important man. This is his new wife we have staying here. We are honored and humbled. Like at Khir Ganga where Shiva and Parvati had their honeymoon, Lutyens now is a mystical site of holy communion. We need to construct a shrine,” The two kitchen helpers looked at her incredulously.

“But they are old!” the two exclaimed.

“Shiva and Parvati were ancient,” she responded with a firm swat of her hand on the table.



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