Managing the Great Unwashed

Margaret Kruger
2 min readFeb 6, 2021

Justice Kagan recently gave a most eloquent dissent to the Supreme Court’s decision on over-ruling worship restrictions. “I fervently hope that the Court’s intervention will not worsen the nation’s Covid crisis. But if this decision causes suffering, we (referring to the members of the Court) will not pay. Our marble halls are now closed to the public, and our life tenure forever insulates us from responsibility for our errors.”

I struggle mightily with the entire duality of freedom of choice, damage to society as a whole, manipulation and predation of individuals by powerful individuals in leadership positions.

We recently witnessed a great tumult and upheaval at the insurrection of January 6. Although the individuals involved certainly had freedom of choice as to joining the mob that stormed the Capital, many of them were grossly misinformed by our then President Trump and his cohort. The leadership in this case misinformed inorder to enrich themselves unduly.

In Sarasota County, where I reside, the zip code that is home for the Menonite religious cult has a significantly higher caseload and death rate per thousand than the rest of the county. Their religious leaders have continued to hold maskless services during the pandemic. The population, due to their religious practice have serious underlying health concerns, often untreated that make them especially vulnerable. I believe this is a result of a desire to manipulate a population of people in order to enrich their leadership.

To wit, Kagan’s concern: How do we, out of sanctimony and obligation, defend and protect those who wish not to be protected? When are we required as a society to educate, inform, expose lies and mis-guided initiates that endanger the society as a whole and serve to enrich those in positions of power? Is this an issue of consumer protection as opposed to religious freedom? And by consumer protection, I refer to the assertions by the churches that “God will keep them safe from Covid-19.” What clap trap! It endangers us all and at the very least, costs us a fortune in societal expense.

By Margaret Kruger

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