Margaret Kruger
2 min readAug 28, 2018

Demons: The oddity of self policing sexual behavior

Wow. I have just been confronted with the ugliest demon. I somehow manifested her and am stunned to see her finely honed dagger like claws as I dart about the sky whizzing past her swipe at my corpus. I swear my soul must have been bored and conjured her up for the amuse bouche du jour. Ha!

In any case I was visiting this woman briefly in her home with a friend and she obviously did not fancy my presence…was outright hostile actually. I tried to be pleasant, but to no avail. Once I departed she apparently went on an internet dumpster dive researching my writings and various articles that have been written about me over the years.

She then told my friend she would never ever allow me in her home, confused my fictional work with fact (I guess in a way that is a huge compliment) and that she was afraid I would steal her husband and basically slut shamed me.

Pretty amazing. I am well aware that extremely oppressed people tend to self police others, so my only assumption was that she had been a wanton woman at one point in her life and was brutally shamed out of any sexual prowess she might have. I’m not sure…it’s the only possible reason I could come up with for her unprovoked vehemence.

I’ve had this occur before and I’ve begin to wonder if my soul summons these Devis as a check valve or merely a reflection so I can evaluate my level of self acceptance.

Much of my writing deals with older women, their sexuality and power. If done well it should trigger strong responses. I just never imagined it would trigger such fear that I would be banned from a residence out of concern that I would somehow steal her husband (which assumes I would want the poor dear fellow).

The demons we summon give us such wonderful lessons…I am grateful she appeared and hope she finds a calm heart once she realizes I wouldn’t darken her door for all the world.

Margaret Kruger

Adventurer, Pilot, Diver, World Traveler. Lives in Sarasota, Florida and writes about her experiences rummaging around the globe.